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Homeless animals didn't ask to live outside without shelter, food or someone to care about them. When you become a member of MCHSWV, you are investing in proven programs that give innocent animals the chance to become someone's best friend.  Membership dues is only $25.  Click here for a membership application and become part of the solution!  


Help our shelter workers at the shelter or work with our team on a community event or fundraiser.  Click here for our volunteer application! 


Becoming a foster parent is one of the most important ways you can help the animals in Marion County.  Our foster parents provide love, care and attention to animals that need to spend some time in the comfort of a home environment. The length of commitment varies: some animals only require a few weeks; some require a few months, but all pets need human interaction and socialization.  Call the shelter for more information 304-366-5391.

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