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Levy FAQs

May 14th Primary Election Levy: Marion County Humane Society

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Who is the Marion County Humane Society, and what do you do?

A: The Marion County Humane Society (MCHS) is a non-profit 501(C)3 organization whose mission is to provide shelter for abandoned, abused, neglected, homeless and owner-surrendered animals; to socialize and care for our rescued animals until we can find forever loving homes for them; and to work within the community to promote spaying, neutering and responsible pet ownership. We operate a shelter at 2731 Locust Avenue in Fairmont that can accommodate over one hundred animals at any given time.


Q: I own a residence in Marion County, how much will the levy cost me?

A: Your cost is based on the assessed value of your home. The estimated costs are below:


Appraised Value      Assessed Value       Your Annual Cost

$100,000                   $  60,000                            $  7.20

$200,000                   $120,000                            $14.40

$300,000                   $180,000                            $21.60

Q: Did you build a new shelter facility?

A: Yes, we built a new shelter facility because the old facility was over 40 years old, but more importantly, was unsafe for both animals and shelter staff, and was very costly to maintain, as repairs and utilities averaged nearly $50,000 per year for the last four years of occupancy.


Q: Why are you seeking funding through a tax levy?

A: We want to increase the numbers of animals in our care, while at the same time allocating our existing fundraising and donation resources that previously supported shelter operations to pay down the remaining debt on the new facility. With a more spacious facility, we can now safely house many more animals; however, additional animals cost more money to take care of them.


Q: Are you part of the County or City Government?

A: No, we are a separate legal entity. We are also not associated with animal control; however, when we have space available, we do pull dogs to place them up for adoption.


Q: What are the remaining sources of your income?

A: Approximately 50% of our income comes from public donations and fundraising events that we conduct. County and municipal grants account for 20% of our income. Adoption fees also account for 20% of our income, while miscellaneous grants account for the remaining 10%.


Q: What are your operating expenses?

A: Shelter staff account for 50% of our costs, while animal care costs are 33%, and shelter supplies, utilities and property/liability insurance comprise the remaining 17%.


Q: I own a business in Marion County, how much will the levy cost me?

A: Your cost is based on the assessed value of your business property. The estimated costs for business properties are:


Appraised Value           Assessed Value                           Your Annual Cost

$100,000                        $  60,000                                      $ 14.40

$200,000                        $120,000                                      $ 28.80

$300,000                        $180,000                                      $ 43.20


Q: How do I calculate my estimated tax liability?

A: Your cost is based on the assessed value of your property. To calculate your cost:


1. Identify the Assessed value of your property from your property tax ticket.  2. Divide that amount by 100.  3. Multiply the result by the following (Residential Property is Class II):

Class I  .006;  Class II  .012;  Class III  .024;  Class IV          .024

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